Singapore Visa From India

Singapore Visa From India

Documents Required For Singapore Visa From India


  • Passports in original ( new and old)
  • 2 passport size photographs in white back ground matt finish with 70-75% of face
  • NOC letter from the organization
  • Two months bank statement
  • Air tickets
  • Copy of Company ID card

Additional Documents

  • If couple traveling Marriage Certificate may be required

If going on Honeymoon

  • Marriage invitation cards

If school kids/ infants traveling

  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of School ID

If an adult Student traveling

  • College ID card
  • Financial support documents

If visiting family and friends with Invitation

  • Typed Invite letter giving details of trip including passport details of the applicant
  • Copy of E-Pass, Pink Pass, Resident Permit

If on Business Trip

  • Form V39a
  • Invite letter

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