Maldives Visa From India

Maldives Visa From India

In the Indian Ocean, the gorgeous archipelago of the Maldives is an international tourist attraction that sees extensive footfall from tourists across the globe. Due to its scenic beaches, private resorts, and proximity to India, the picturesque island nation is the preferred travel destination for Indian nationals.

The Maldives issue a tourist visa on arrival to Indian citizens that is valid for 30 days in the island nation. However, it is advisable to peruse the list of entry requirements and travel documents for the Maldives before your trip to the scenic archipelago.

Visa Cost: The visa on arrival to the Maldives is free for Indian citizens.

Documents Required For Maldives Visa From India

  • Passport
    (A) Valid for 6 months after travel date
    (B) Must have 2 blank pages
  • Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  • Two recent passport photographs
    (A) 35 x 45 mm
    (B) On light background
  • Confirmed travel booking with day-to-day travel details
  • If visiting friends/family, Invitation letter of a Maldivian taking responsibility of the applicant
  • Proof of Finance
    (A) Bank statement for last 6 months
    (B) Latest ITR
    (C) Possession of minimum USD 30 per person per day for all expenditures

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