Indian Food Restaurants In Maldives

Indian Food Restaurants In Maldives


Nothing can beat the pleasure of knowing more about Maldives by explorings its different range of delicacies served across islands and best prepared by experienced chefs. Do experience the best taste of Maldives by trying some must-have dishes prepared traditionally and served authentically at your favorable choice of place.

  • Mas Huni: One of the authentic delicacies of Maldives that you cannot offer to resist is the mas huni dish which is like deeply shredded and well-cooked tuna fish. It is best mixed with grated coconuts, lemons, and other ingredients inside.
  • Garudhiya: Do try this traditional soup of Maldives that comprises fragrant fish inside along with additional ingredients like water, rice, chili, lime, onions, and more.
  • Bis Keemiya: A kind of snack for all the travelers who look forward to having something light at any time of the day. It is a must-try dish in Maldives which is like a pastry filled with eggs, sliced onions, shredded cabbage, and more.
  • Masroshi: It's more like a stuffed chapatti which is full of flavors like smoked tuna inside along with coconut, curry leaves, spices, and more.
  • Maldivian Live Lobster: If you are an ardent lover of seafood, then cannot ignore the delectable taste of lobster cooked live in front of you.



Being an amazing holiday destination, especially for romantic couples, book our Maldives travel package to best explore the region in the company of experts around. Even in the case of exploring Indian-flavored food, there is no dearth of authentic Indian restaurants in the Maldives. Book your table at any of the leading Indian food places in the Maldives and taste the authentic delicacies of India.

  • Baraabaru
  • Bombay Darbar
  • Acha's Poppadums
  • Symphony Restaurant
  • Novina Cafe
  • Tandoori Flames
  • Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi

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