China Visa From India

China Visa From India

Documents Required For China Visa From India


  • Passport
    (A) Valid for 6 months after travel date
    (B) Must have 2 blank pages
  • Present passport and previous passports in original
  • Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  • Two recent passport photographs
    (A) 48 x 33 mm
    (B) On light background
  • Covering letter stating complete purpose of travel
  • Confirmed travel booking with day-to-day travel details
  • Invitation letter
    (A) Complete details on the applicant
    (B) Complete details on the planned visit
    (C) Details of the inviter
  • Proof of Finance
    (A) Bank statement for last 6 months
    (B) Latest ITR
  • If Self-Employed/Business
    (A) Proof of ownership (Partnership deed, articles of association or proof of proprietorship)
    (B) ITR of Company
    (C) Bank statement for last 6 months of company
  • If Employed
    (A) Certificate of employment from employer/NOC/ leave sanctioned
    (B) Salary bank statement for last 6 months
  • If Student/Dependent
    (A) Consent from the parents/spouse
    (B) Original bank statement of last 6 months of parents/spouse
    (C) Latest ITR for parents/spouse
    (D) ID Card photocopy (if student)


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