Indian Food Restaurants In Russia

Indian Food Restaurants In Russia

Russian cuisine offers a variety of unique and flavorful dishes, and while it may differ significantly from Indian cuisine, there are still options that can cater to Indian tastes. Here are some foods and restaurants in Russia that Indian tourists might find interesting:

Borscht :

  • A traditional Russian beetroot soup, often served with sour cream. While it may be different from Indian flavors, it's worth trying for its rich taste and vibrant color.

Pelmeni :

  • Dumplings, usually filled with meat, such as beef or pork. They are often served with sour cream or butter. While the flavors are different, the concept of dumplings might appeal to Indian tourists.

Blini :

  • Russian pancakes that are thin and often served with various fillings like caviar, sour cream, or jams. While not similar to Indian flatbread, the variety of toppings might be appealing.

Olivier Salad :

  • A classic Russian salad made with boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, eggs, pickles, and mayonnaise. It's a common dish during festive seasons.

Shashlik :

  • Grilled skewered meat, similar to kebabs. This dish may be more familiar to Indian tourists, and variations with different meats are available.

Piroshki :

  • Small, baked or fried buns filled with various ingredients, such as meat, potatoes, or cabbage. They are similar to stuffed bread, a concept familiar to Indian cuisine.

Caviar :

  • Russia is known for its caviar, which is often served as a luxury appetizer. It might be interesting for tourists looking to experience local delicacies.

Russian Tea :

  • Russians have a strong tea culture. While the tea itself may not be too different, the Russian style of serving tea, often with jam and sweets, can be a unique experience.

Indian Restaurants in Russia :

While exploring Russian cuisine is a part of the experience, if you're looking for a taste of home, you can also find Indian restaurants in major cities. Here are a few examples:

Dzhagannat :

  • Located in Moscow, Dzhagannat offers a mix of Uzbek, Russian, and Indian cuisine. It's known for its cozy atmosphere and flavorful dishes.

Darbars :

  • With locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Darbars serves a variety of Indian dishes, including vegetarian options. The restaurant aims to provide an authentic Indian dining experience.

Taj Restaurant :

  • Located in St. Petersburg, Taj Restaurant offers a range of North Indian and Mughlai dishes. It's known for its welcoming ambiance and diverse menu.

Jai Hind :

  • Situated in Moscow, JAI Hind is a popular choice for Indian cuisine. It caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, offering a selection of traditional Indian dishes.

When in Russia, it's a good idea to try both local dishes and visit Indian restaurants to experience a diverse range of flavors. Russian cuisine has its own charm, and exploring it adds to the richness of Russia travel experience.

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