Indian Food Restaurants In France

Indian Food Restaurants In France


France is renowned for serving the best and most delectable cuisines of the world while capturing the attention of travelers and food lovers extensively. Numerous restaurants, local eating places, and premium dining areas serve a multitude of dishes, drinks, and other eateries to meet the appetite of people at their best. While booking your France tour package while heading towards your romantic travel, you must consider tasting the following few famous France dishes without fail.

  • Chicken Confit: As the name itself implies, it's a specialized chicken dish that comes under the authentic cuisine of France. The nicely prepared chicken is served with salt along with seasonable herbs and slowly cooked in olive oil to provide this dish with a rich, juicy, and tender taste.
  • French Onion Soup: A specific winter special dish served in France is an onion soup that features other veggies and local ingredients inside.
  • Crepe: It's a sweet gourmet meal served best inside the authentic yet local eating places in France that are sure to meet your taste buds with ease. A northwestern dish is best filled with sugar and locally made salted butter along with caramel, berries, and other relevant ingredients inside.
  • Cassoulet: It's one of the delectable classic dishes of France that hails from three varied regions. The dish features the sumptuous ingredients of haricot beans, preserved goose, spiced garlic with herbs, and other ingredients inside. It also comprises pork, mutton, and sausage inside.
  • Lamb shank navarin: It's a spicy, flavorful, and colorful dish that features nicely prepared lamb ragout or stew. For the preparation of this dish, the lamp is cooked on slow heat to make it taste go tender and extremely soft.


If you look forward to tasting the rich, spicy, and flavorful Indian taste in varied choices of dishes while traveling across the regions of France, then find here the best Indian restaurants.

  • Mayfair Garden Champs Elysees
  • New Jawad Longchamp
  • Le Jardin du Kashmir
  • Buddha Restaurant
  • New Jhelum
  • Le Maharaja
  • New Balal
  • Bollynan Grands Boulevards
  • Villa Punjab Gastronomie Indienne
  • Kashmir House


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