Places To Visit In France

Places To Visit In France


France has no such shortage of popular, attractive, and breathtaking tourist destinations to visit. For your much-awaited France tour package from India or from any other location, choose to include attractive destinations like Paris, French Riviera, Mont Saint-Michel, Arles, Strasburg, Biarritz, Lourdes, Lyon, and the list goes on. Even for your reference, we have enlisted the top five places to visit in France, and must be included in your cost-effective France travel package.

  • Paris: You cannot afford to ignore France's capital which is Paris to be included in the France tour package. It's not just the most fashionable hub in the world, but also offers an amazing mix of culture, history, food, tradition, architecture, artwork, historical significance, and much more. The beauty of Europe can be best witnessed in the hustling town of Paris, where lies the most promising and legendary Eiffel Tower.
  • Cannes: Better known as the movies capital where lies the most popular film festivals while inviting creative professionals from various parts of the globe. Cannes is best known for its artwork, shopping places, historical sites, cafes, seafront attractions, and more.
  • Bordeaux: If you are looking to experience an unbeatable shopping pleasure in France, then do pay a visit to this place. As part of your France tour package, include Bordeaux to enjoy the ultimate shopping pleasure at various malls, fashion streets, and other places. One of the notable fashion brands across the world is available in this area while calling shopaholics from different demographics.
  • Montpellier: Another lively town in France is Montpellier which is not just a shopping destination. But offers an amalgamation of lively streets, user-friendly people, an energetic vibe, architecturally rich buildings, and lip-smacking cuisines available all around.
  • Arles: It's a UNESCO World Heritage site that is best known for its vintage-style city scape and an ancient experience for the benefit of travelers coming from different parts of the globe. The city is best dotted with authentic cafes, restaurants, charming buildings, and famous artwork dispersed all around.


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