Indian Food Restaurants In Seychelles

Indian Food Restaurants In Seychelles

Seychelles, with its diverse cultural influences, offers a variety of dining options, including restaurants catering to Indian cuisine. Indian tourists in Seychelles can find establishments that serve delicious Indian dishes. Here are some restaurants in Seychelles that are popular among Indian tourists:

  • Mahek Restaurant (Mahé) : Located in the capital city, Victoria, Mahek Restaurant is known for its authentic Indian flavors and a diverse menu.
  • Kashmir Art Café (Mahé) : Combining Indian and international cuisine, this café offers a cozy atmosphere and a range of flavorful dishes.
  • Au Cap Take Away (Mahé) : A local favorite, Au Cap Take Away is known for its affordable and delicious Seychellois and Indian takeaway options.
  • The Maharajas (Mahé) : Situated in Beau Vallon, The Maharajas offers a variety of North Indian dishes in a relaxed setting.
  • The Copper Pot (Mahé) : This restaurant in Eden Island blends Indian and Creole flavors, providing a unique culinary experience.
  • Le Reduit Restaurant (Mahé) : Located in the Banyan Tree Seychelles resort, Le Reduit offers Indian and international cuisine with a touch of luxury.
  • Palm Che (Mahé) : Situated on Praslin Island, Palm Che is known for its Indian and Creole fusion dishes in a beachfront setting.
  • Le Relax Beach House (Praslin) : A restaurant with a beautiful beachfront location, Le Relax Beach House serves a mix of Seychellois, Creole, and Indian dishes.
  • Café des Arts (La Digue) : While primarily known for its seafood, Café des Arts on La Digue also offers Indian and Creole options in an artistic setting.
  • Hotel L'Archipel Restaurant (Praslin) : Located in Praslin, this restaurant within Hotel L'Archipel offers Indian and international cuisine in an elegant setting.
  • Chez Batista (La Digue) : This restaurant on La Digue is known for its seafood, but also serves Indian and Creole dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Surfers Beach Restaurant (Mahé) : Offering stunning ocean views, Surfers Beach Restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including Indian cuisine.

Seychelles offers a delightful fusion of culinary influences, and Indian tourists can enjoy a mix of authentic Indian dishes and local Seychellois flavors during their stay.

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