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Seychelles Holiday Tour Packages From India

Seychelles Holiday Tour Packages From India

Mahe & Praslin Tour / 6 Days

 2N Mahe - 3N Praslin

Visa on Arrival Family

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Transfers
  • Visa

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Seychelles Honeymoon Tour / 7 Days

 3N Mahe - 3N Praslin

Visa on Arrival Honeymoon

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Transfers
  • Visa

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Saiman Holidays: Offering Incredible India to Seychelles Tour Packages

A lot of beautiful places exist in the world, but very few of them have much going on as the Seychelles. It is one of the most visited places during the holidays. Right from the couple up to the solo travelers, this place has ample things to serve everyone. If you have yet to go to Seychelles, this must be on your bucket list. If you need help figuring out where to start, contact Saiman Holidays and opt for the best Seychelles holiday packages.

Seychelles - The Beauty of the Country

Seychelles is a must-visit country because it has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. A stunning coastal landscape of beautiful white sand, turquoise water, and palm trees surround every island. Also, the breathtaking flora of the place attracts uncountable tourists every year. Huge trees, exotic flowers, and green bushes in the tropical gardens bear the best tropical fruits. Also, if you are a watersports person, you will enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, and other sports.

You can always explore the underwater by scuba diving and experience the unique coral species, colourful fishes, and turtles. Also, the way of life, cuisines, and Creole culture make Seychelles unique. Saiman Holidays offers the best Seychelles holiday packages from India at affordable rates.

Why Do People Visit This Country?

Seychelles is the perfect tropical holiday destination. With beautiful flora, beaches, and impeccable watersports, you will surely enjoy the place. However, apart from all these, Seychelles is the best country to escape all the wearies. The relaxed destination of beautiful life right under the tropical sunshine is the perfect antidote.

The tourists will forget the hustles and bustles of their regular life. It does not matter if you travel in January or July; the temperature at Seychelles never goes below 26°C. There is no rainy season; it is the ideal place to visit during the European winter. Good weather in the area is very much guaranteed.

Also, Seychelles is a safe and uncomplicated destination. You can enjoy your trip to the exotic paradise of Seychelles easily without any tough preparations. There is no need for any particular vaccinations. There exists almost no danger in Seychelles. If you are convinced to plan a tour to Seychelles, contact us at Saiman Holidays and opt for Seychelles tour packages at low cost, as we can arrange elegant hotels and luxurious resorts armed with top-class amenities for you.

India to Seychelles Packages by Saiman Holidays

Saiman Holidays has developed some of the best Seychelles Tour packages at Amazing prices from India to Seychelles for Indians to make their journeys more comfortable and luxurious. Our packages are stated below:

Mahe and Praslin Package/ 6 Days

It is the basic package that you get from Saiman Holidays. You can book Seychelles Tour Packages at the Best Price as it includes hotels, meals, transfers, sightseeing, and a guide. Our local representative will greet you after you arrive at Mahe Island Airport. Then you will be taken to our hotel and from there, your main tour will begin. You can have breakfast, lunch, and supper in our lavish hotels in Seychelles.

We will guide you to the local places and connect you to water sports like deep fishing, diving, and snorkelling. During your tour, we will show you the best beaches, court buildings, markets, and museums. 

Seychelles Tour Package/ 7 Days

This Seychelles Tour Package is a six nights and seven days’ tour. This Seychelles, seven days’ package includes hotels, complimentary meals, transfer facilities, sightseeing, and an experienced guide. We will receive you at the Mahe Island Airport and transfer you to a top-class hotel with best-in-class amenities. In this package, you will visit the court building, museum, clock tower, post office, and others in Mahe. Also, you can see the Bel Air Cemetery in Mage. You can enjoy water activities in Praslin, like deep fishing, snorkelling, and diving.

In Praslin, our guide will take you to the Craft Village, and you can see the Seychelles' Cultural Heritage there. We will drop you at the Mahe Airport on the final day and bid you goodbye.

Seychelles Holiday Tour/ 10 Days

Seychelles Holiday Tour is a nine nights and ten days’ package. It comes with everything you need. Our experts will arrange your stay in the most luxurious hotels during your stay. The complimentary meals will have some outstanding recipes. We will take care of your transfers till your journey ends.

We also provide a guide to help you see and understand this country better. From receiving you at Mahe Airport to dropping you at the nearest airport till your journey ends, we will take care of everything. We will help you see the best beaches, museums, the clock tower, villages, coastal beaches, and much more.

You can also explore the underwater scenes with this package, as you can get to do deep sea diving in this Seychelles package from Delhi or elsewhere from India. Besides, if you want, you can customize the plan as well.

How to Book a Package at Saiman Holidays?

To book a package at Saiman Holidays and know the Seychelles travel cost from India, go through the given below steps:

  • Open your web browser, type "Saiman Holidays" in the search bar, and then the next step is to hit the enter key.
  • Tap the first link, and you will be redirected to our official website.
  • Tap on "Menu".
  • Then, click on "Indian Ocean Holiday Packages" and tap on "Seychelles Packages."
  • All the Seychelles' cheap packages will be displayed to you, and you need to choose the one you like.
  • Then, you must fill in the credentials, tap "Book Now", and proceed further. Before making the final payment, you can see the Seychelles trip cost from India.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of reasons for you to choose us. The main reasons are stated below:

  • Convenience: Planning needs effort and time. Suppose you are looking for how to plan a trip to Seychelles from India. In that case, we will make all the essential arrangements, eventually save your valuable time and ensure you have a hassle-free experience.
  • Expertise: Our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing itineraries. We will select the best accommodations, activities, and destinations for you and uncover the hidden gems not easily accessible by everyone.
  • Security and Safety: We prioritize security and safety of our customers. We have selected trusted partners and professional and licensed guides for your protection. We maintain high-standard safety protocols and have added a sense of peace of mind.
  • Networking: Make new friends and create everlasting memories by choosing our Seychelles packages from India.

Group dynamics will improve your all-over travel experience and promote a sense of fulfillment and community during your trip.

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