Indian Food Restaurants In Nepal

Indian Food Restaurants In Nepal

Nepal offers a variety of dining options, and Indian tourists can find many restaurants that serve familiar and delicious Indian cuisine. Here are some popular food restaurants in Nepal for Indian tourists:

  • OR2K (Kathmandu) : A well-known vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu, offering a diverse menu with Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Kaiser Cafe (Kathmandu) : Located in the Garden of Dreams, this restaurant serves a mix of continental, Nepali, and Indian cuisines in a beautiful garden setting.
  • Krishnarpan Restaurant (Kathmandu) : Situated in Dwarika's Hotel, Krishnarpan offers an authentic Nepali dining experience with a set menu that includes traditional Newari and Nepali dishes.
  • Taj Palace (Kathmandu) : A popular choice for Indian cuisine in Kathmandu, Taj Palace offers a variety of North Indian dishes in a comfortable setting.
  • Fire and Ice Pizzeria (Kathmandu) : While known for its pizzas, this Thamel-based restaurant also serves a variety of Indian dishes, making it a good option for those craving diverse choices.
  • Everest Steak House (Kathmandu) : This restaurant, located in Lazimpat, is renowned for its steaks and also offers a selection of Indian dishes.
  • Piano B (Pokhara) : A popular restaurant in Pokhara that serves a mix of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, and Continental, with a focus on quality and taste.
  • Moon Dance Restaurant (Pokhara) : Situated by Lake Fewa, Moon Dance offers Indian and Nepali dishes with a pleasant lakeside ambiance.
  • Gaia Restaurant & Coffee Shop (Pokhara) : This restaurant in Lakeside, Pokhara, provides a diverse menu, including Indian cuisine, and is known for its relaxing atmosphere.
  • Shambala Garden (Lumbini) : A restaurant in Lumbini offering Indian, Nepali, and international dishes, making it a convenient choice for visitors exploring the birthplace of Buddha.
  • Roadhouse Cafe (Multiple Locations) : With locations in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and other cities, Roadhouse Cafe is known for its pizzas but also serves Indian and other international cuisines.

Always consider checking recent reviews and recommendations to ensure the quality and current status of these restaurants. Additionally, many areas in Nepal have local eateries where you can try authentic Nepali cuisine, providing a well-rounded culinary experience during a Nepal trip.

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